“A person's clenched fist with an engraved ring with the phrase "I am badass"” by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

There’s a bunch of blockchain project’s working to make photographers happier. The projects can be graphed across 2 axis: stock photography marketplace disruption; and copyright protection. Photochain, WeMark, Pibble, IPStock are attempting to disrupt the stock photography marketplace by using blockchain to facilitate peer-to-peer transfer of value thereby removing the need for a middle man. Binded, ImageRights, Ascribe, and Kodak plan to provide copyright protection using image hashes written to distributed ledger to provide an immutable record of IP.

Arles by Paul Geraghty

The value of corporate arts sponsorship has dropped dramatically over the last 10 years. Reasons aren’t clear. But what is clear is arts sponsorship when done right is super effective.

When the Syngenta Photography Award exhibition opened at Somerset House — unlike the BP sponsored exhibition at the Tate — not one environmentalist turned up to demonstrate. They were inside involved in an open conversation.

Paul Geraghty

Entrepreneur, Director at the Gallery of Photography, Director CAP Prize, CEO Picturk

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