Cut&Slice me VS. Save for Web

Recently I came across a plugin that helps to maintain the schedule for different devices. I decided to compare the usual saved in Photoshop (‘Save for Web’) and using the free plug-in ‘Cut&Slice me’. Keep the schedule will be for the Android application.

What are we going to use

  • Adobe Photoshop;
  • file 1080x1920 (xhdpi);
  • plug-in ‘Cut & Slice me’ (which can be found at here).

What do we do

  • keep going a little button.

Keep using the ‘Save for Web’ for Android applications is not very convenient and fast, as the need to save in different sizes, at different resolutions and put it all on separate folders. Of course, for this you can write a special ‘Action’, but still pleasant enough.
Next, keep using the plug — in this case, all the routine work for us making the plugin. To save the item, you need to select the layer (you can group) and click the appropriate item in the export section of Android:

Next there is a “little magic” and you’re done.

What we get in the end

  • next to the project (.psd) a folder called: “ProjectName+_Android_assets”.

It is automatically created folders ‘drawable-mdpi’, ‘drawable-hdpi’, ‘drawable-xhdpi’, ‘drawable-xxhdpi’ (‘drawable-ldpi’ in version 1.1.3 is not visible because of rarity). These folders save the picture under a different permit and is named similarly to the layer name in the project.

Everything is quick and easy.

At first glance, everything is identical, except for a lighter weight in the images obtained by the plugin. But let’s take a closer look.

As can be seen from the examples above, when saving through ‘Save for Web’ is the “problem areas”, such as the semi-transparent pixels. They are there when you save through a plug-in, but not in these places, and everything looks nicer and smoother.


Taken together with the convenience of exports and less weight, export graphics for Android using the plugin ‘Cut&Slice me’ is a more convenient, faster and better.

Russian version of the article can be read here:

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