How to Show Coins on MyCrypto (or MEW) and (MEW) are both very similar to each other. Please make sure you are going to the correct website and they present SSL certificates that say “Secure” in the browser.

First go to any of the two websites: Homepage

Once here click on the send tab that says “send”. Once their you can access your account by using a few different methods. We always recommend MetaMask and not the Private Key option.

Once you login to your wallet you will see to the bottom right hand corner an option to add Custom Tokens, click it.

Add the following information in verbatim! Do NOT deviate. Many have taken advantage of the airdrop by also deploying fake PiedPiperCoins to the ethereum network, do not be fooled.

Token contract addess:


Token Symbol:




Do not forget to click save.

Once you are done, click Show Balances and you should see $PPI in the top box. Congrats, now you will be able to see and send your $PPI just as easily as any Ethereum token!

Thanks for your participation in the airdrop!