PiedPiperCoin Airdrop #D-Day

Pied Pipers! The day has come for the $PPI airdrop. I want to thank the community for its tremendous support.

Over the last six days since the creation of the twitter account we have earned over 8,500+ followers and have reached over 2+ million individuals. Through the use of humor and tv references. People were craving a coin that can really build a strong community and we think #PiedPiperCoin is that coin.

Airdrop Details

We believe in Sound Money principals and we believe a scarce, building supply will achieve sound money principals in the long run. With that philosophy we are releasing 2,625,000 coins or 26.25% of the supply (Total Supply: 10 Million). Each applicant will receive 750 coins each. Additional coins will be disbursed to community leaders at a later period which will be accompanied by a transparent post and rationales.

Source: http://slideplayer.com/slide/9098228/

We did not anticipate building a coin but we now see the need in the community to do this. We will stick to our roots and hold bad actors accountable. In the meantime, we will also be working diligently to make this coin a medium of exchange and potentially a store of value. We will be forking the coin into it’s own blockchain. No dates/deadlines yet. The airdrop and ERC 20 is the first stage.

Part of the reason why we are giving out very little of the supply is because we will introduce methods of obtaining more coins such as Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake algorithms. All options are on the table. More details on the PiedPiperCoin project will come out in due time.


The premine is 13.75% or 1,3750,000 coins. The premine is higher here because of the lower coin supply. A lot of scammy coins get away with a small looking percentage of a coin because the supply is massive. We did not want to deceive the community like that. 375,000 has already been spent on our lead developer for putting together the smart contract together and he will be working for us for the foreseeable future. The price was high because his talent level is extraordinary. He wants to remain anonymous but this individual has built a top 100 marketcap coin before. He has worked on major projects including ones in the top 20 marketcap. I have tremendous respect in his work and integrity that he will not dump his coins immediately. He believes strongly in the project.

Now for the 1,000,000 remaining coins in the premine. We are going to use it for the usual: Pay for normal expenses becoming to a coin, i.e. website, servers, devs, marketing, bounties, exchanges etc. All this will be accompanied by transparent postings. Additionally coins will be vested (i.e. locked up for certain periods of time). The ideal structure is to allocate portions of the premine for each fiscal quarter to obtain our objective.

The difference between the coins sent out in the airdrop, to community leaders and in the premine will be locked until further notice. We will determine a consensus method on unlocking those coins.

Feel free to hold us accountable and follow the main wallet: https://etherscan.io/address/0x5bfcadccd0eb2eceb8993b5a37b8443b61a73e88#tokentxns

Exchange Listings

As announced we were listed on Bisq. At the time we choose to do this we were attaining feverish reach. We could have probably went with an exchange you may have heard of however we wanted to shine a light on the future of #crypto which is Decentralized Exchanges (DEX’s). This is an example of us using our influence to positively impact the space. While we may be added to more exchanges in the future that will not be DEX’s, we wanted to make a firm statement.

We will also be available for trading on Etherdelta. Please be aware any ERC20 coin claiming to be $PPI/PiedPiperCoin can be traded as well. Please be vigilant and use this link only: https://etherdelta.com/#0x5a3c9a1725aa82690ee0959c89abe96fd1b527ee-ETH

A Little Background

In the beginning I talked with people how fun it would be to actually ICO the coin at the .07 cent rate (this is what the coin goes for in the show: Silicon Valley). However we decided any ICO would be too greedy. We quickly axed that plan and went for a completely free airdrop. I could screenshot my DM’s of individuals who wanted to buy coins OTC, private, etc. but I will not do that. I either did not respond or told them no. I do not want to profit from the sheer release of this coin. This coin will go as far as the community will take it. We are hoping that we go from #Tesla to #SpaceX very quickly.

Source: https://theportalist.com/the-chilling-true-story-behind-the-pied-piper-of-hamelin

Future Airdrops/ICO?

There will never be a $PPI airdrop again nor an ICO or any kind of public sale. This was the only chance to get in on the ground level. Welcome to the rocket pad #PiedPipers


Would have posted on Steemit but Danny won’t let us make an account :(

#VivaLaPiedPipercoin #TeslaTime

DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with HBO or Silicon Valley. Please keep in mind Cryptocurrency is very risky and subject to rapid volatility. Loss of all funds should be considered when investing into cryptocurrency. Nothing in this post is intended to be financial advice.

Official Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/piedpipercoin

BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3660872.0

Telegram Group: https://t.me/joinchat/H0RcsEh5ozt3yAQEasMhxw

Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/PiedPiperCoinChannel

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