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Congratulations to those who signed up for the completely free air drop for $PPI. We hope the last 24 hours was as great for you as it was for the team. Thus far we have had a very successful airdrop.

Our philosophy is to run this project with FULL transparency. That means informing our community of both good and bad news. With any project there will be a handful of both. However, our perception is overwhelmingly positive thus far.


I am well aware that some people are concerned about not receiving their airdrop. I assure all users that if they filled out the form correctly they will receive their coins. However, some users will not get their coins if the following applies:

  • Have no proof of submission, i.e. we have no record of their twitter handle and/or ethereum address
  • They listed an ethereum address which was an exchange address (If you listed an exchange the coins get spent, they are locked away forever unless that exchange can rectify it, contact your Exchange’s support team for assistance)
  • Bad actors: i.e. Spammed the form with the same or multiple Ethereum addresses and Twitter handles

Anyone who did not receive coins will get a manual airdrop from our team. We will be verifying all the information that you submit to the form. If you provide false information we will easily be able to know. To limit submissions for this form we are going to require you to use an email address to “sign” your submission. Please use an anonymous or not often used address. We do not want any of your personal information. It will be destroyed after concluding the manual airdrop. We have limited submissions to one per user which will require you to sign into Google unfortunately.

Apply for Manual Airdrop here:

Code is Law

Turns out the community was right to fear Dinesh’s code.

Airdrop by the Numbers: A few problems

Gilfoyle takes complete responsibility for letting Dinesh write the code for the airdrop. He wanted to prove he was a better coder again…and that didn’t quite work out.

Out of 2,818 token holders, 276 received more than they should have. This amounts to an error allocation of 9.87%. Most accounts in this subgroup received a double drop because of a script error. It has been mostly worked out and the remaining 300,000 coins should be dispersed to addresses that have not received any $PPI yet. We anticipate the total error allocation to diminish once total airdrop is completed.

Whale in the house

Our process could have prevented multiple submissions by requiring personal information markers that could have made it very difficult to spam the form. However we did not want to go down that route. This is a community based project and was open to all. All actors, good and bad, had an equal opportunity to seize the moment. Fortunately most individuals followed the set out guidelines. However one user used complicated and time consuming methodology to bypass the form. The individual utilized many different Ethereum addresses thus we could not detect the addresses being tied to a specific user. This individual has amassed about 2.15% of the coin supply so far. Making this individual our first “Whale”. Let’s kindly welcome him or her to HELL.


We will not doxx their twitter handles nor any information that could help us identify the individual. That is against our philosophy.

Silver Lining

I checked this individual’s addresses and this person or persons is very skilled in obtaining multiple airdrops. We are not the only coin they targeted. Having a person with large supply is not necessarily a terrible thing. The likely motivation of this person is to make money on the coin. Thus they are not likely to “dump” on the market. This individual benefits heavily by the project increasing in value. Their profit motive lines up with the project motive to be successful. We did not want anyone to perform this kind of deception however the methods used with the information we required prevented us from blocking it.

If the individual does decide to complete the Gavin Belson storyline and crash our price right now they would only being doing our followers of Satan a favor by allowing them to buy the bottom.

Another silver lining is that we will never let Dinesh code the airdrop again.

Sorry Dinesh — Gilfoyle

Overall Picture

The airdrop was a remarkable success, in the last 48 hours we have accomplish the following:

Next Steps

Our philosophy is to be transparent with our community every step of the way. We will continue to make postings regarding major news or events. We will begin a newsletter soon. For the coming week I will not be as active on Telegram or Twitter to take time to work very seriously on the project, team hiring, exchange listings, website building and budget proposing. We have an amazing support team in our Telegram channel and we are still in the process of building out the discord channel.

Bounties will be addressed later today.

DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated with HBO or Silicon Valley. Please keep in mind Cryptocurrency is very risky and subject to rapid volatility. Loss of all funds should be considered when investing into cryptocurrency. Nothing in this post is intended to be financial advice.

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