Call for Media wite-out of all t/-/-/-/- images!

Because none of us has time to waste, I propose a complete media wite-out of trump’s images. If you agree with me and have felt overwhelmed by the barrage of visual trumpery lately, not to mention the written detritus that his constant intervention in sociopolitical routes of communication leaves behind, repost this.

First: we have trillions of images easily available to us to exchange information and to express ourselves. Often, the juxtaposition of image and text makes messages more powerful — even the absence of imagery can be eloquent. Or, the absence of text. Or sound. But we tend to repeat the same transmissions over and over, unconsciously creating a canonical archive — is this the legacy we want to leave as record of our passage? Second, ugly trumpery images are injurious to our health. Even though most of us are sighted and hearing, and biased towards a mainstream style of communication, I think that the repetition of trumpy messages are tantamount to violence perpetrated upon the senses. They take the place of so much communication that can be profound in human experience. And, third, it’s the same as the first: There is so much more we could pass on instead of that odious face and supercilious voice.

So, get aid relief to Puerto Rico, don’t forget México, support the Mapuche, stand with Standing Rock, remember Venezuela, help for Mumbai, don’t forget Kabul, fight breast cancer, stop fracking, remember there are people in North Korea, help the Rohingya, no more violence in Kasai, don’t ignore the homeless people sleeping on our streets, love our families, our world is strong and fragile at the same time, no need to waste time with hate, honor the best in ourselves…

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