Meet Urtzi

Urtzi is a proud Basqueman with ages of corporate experience and a burning desire to improve telematics. His title is complicated but in a nutshell, he is the product manager for an IoT solution by Pie. With a penchant for telematics and his knowledge of software, Urtzi moves Pie toward telematic wizardry.

This is Urtzi.

Can you tell us a bit about how you ended up at pie?

I was working as a software engineer and took a look at pie who was doing something I was interested in. We decided it was a good fit for both, and here we are! For me, It was more about new projects and the transition between a big company to a small company where I can create a solution and see the impact of my contributions almost immediately.

How has it been working in a startup as opposed to a corporate situation?

It’s more dynamic and you can move fast. You can think more innovatively and your actions will have an immediate effect, you can contribute without fear of bureaucratic processes. Doing things that can improve the market. It’s less intimidating to be creative and contribute to the overall company.

What are some of your fave tools? 
For the Telematic box I like Trello for product management, keeping up with features and such. We use Aha! Though we tend to prefer tools that are more visual and reflect what we are doing. Jira is also a favourite, which we use for task management and agilising methodology.

What’s it like living in London? What sort of advice would you give someone who’s planning on making the move over:

London is a very dynamic city which powers you to do more. The city is constantly changing and super ethnically diverse. A personal objective is to learn a lot. Both personally and professionally. Everyone should strive to learn from it.

It’s a place to learn.
Photo by Urtzi

Favourite things:

I like travelling a lot, something amazing that we are lucky to have affordable travel. Food, seafood, fish. Things that are strong in my home but missing here. Photography which I combine with my tech background. It’s my artistic side; whenever I have time I like to take photos of the outdoors, whether it’s nature or building. Mixing technical side with art is the biz.

Any specific places you love:

It’s not about where you go, it’s who you meet. It’s what you learn from these people and places. I like photos where you can mix old and new, keeping a sense of tradition in the new age.

High Contrast by Urtzi

Any project/plans for the future:

I don’t like planning a lot because we live in a world that is ever-changing and adapting. I like looking forward to continuing learning and human interaction with technical solutions. How we can improve life through products. Always catering to people. It’s about creating something amazing for people to be interested and benefit.

Catch Urtzi on LinkedIn and photographing his various trips around the globe.

Photo by Urtzi
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