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Saving the World

A Manual, In Three Acts

Matthew J Pierce
Aug 15, 2017 · 2 min read

This is the book I would write, if I had the time to write it. I will add links to this document as new sections are finished. -MJP


Human universals, not our real or imagined differences, control the rise and fall of human civilizations. This is cause for cautious optimism.

The Manual is a concise, approachable guide to human nature. Written in plain language for a wide audience, it uses self-evident observation, logic, and a fresh perspective to reconcile all possible human behavior.

Brief opening remarks set the stage, outlining the lasting appeal of human universals, why they matter, and how to go about finding them.

Act I explores human similarities. Hidden universals shape the formation, individual experience, and emotional defense of all possible human belief systems, regardless of their truth or coherence. Mapping these similarities restores a sense of human dignity and worth.

Act II surveys civilizational trends. The hidden universals of human belief also raise predictable standing waves in the societal fabric, creating a shared terrain over which all possible human civilizations must rise and fall. Familiarity with its slopes offers unsettling insight into the flow of current events.

Act III offers solutions. For better or worse, the universal terrain of human nature informs all possible human endeavors, not just those doomed to fail. Step by step, the Manual’s non-ideological method shows its readers how to distinguish true paths from promising dead ends, how to rediscover humanity’s shared high ground, and how to unleash there the immense potential found in human societies and individuals alike.

Notes, references, and a bullet-point summary follow the Manual’s conclusion.

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