The Fall of America

1/27/17 will be a date which is written in history books as one of America’s darkest days.

Sick to my stomach. That’s how I feel as a white american male. The newest executive order from our President is a disgrace to everything America stands for; what we have fought against. It is hypocritical against our very foundation as a county. We fought for our religious freedom to practice ANY religion. We did not fight for Christianity or even against Catholicism. We fought for freedom to be our own. We fought for the separation of church and state, not the combination of the two.

For the last eight years, Republicans slammed Obama. Preaching to everyone that would listen, that Obama looked to enslave us under a socialist regime. They called him an illegitimate president not born of this great union. They butchered him on Fox for using executive orders — where is the rage against executive orders now? When congress blocked even the simplest of bills and Ted Cruz proposed the absurd notion of shutting down the government, Obama was blamed as the sole reason of grid-lock.

The Republican party is now built on hypocrisy. The once great party stood for values and worked with Democrats and scientists alike. It lost and won graciously. It voted for capable politicians and respected others opinions. Since Reagan, the Republican party has lost it’s way. It is filled with ignorance and stupidity. It lacks any social conscious, nor sociological perspective. I support many Republican fiscal ideas, but non that this current leadership stands for.

The Wall is a joke. A joke that will cost us billions of dollars, while fixing nothing. To declare the Wall a solution, is a misunderstanding of the problem. The approval of pipelines is not a joke, it is a danger to my adult life expectancy. Climate change is real. Denial is an acceptance of stupidity. My life matters. My future children's life matters. Every life matters. I live in Oklahoma and I am scared nearly every week by an earthquake. This is man made. Coal is not a resource we should encourage. There are only so many fossils, so let’s save them for getting us to space, not to and from work.

I am an independent and will remain so for my entire life. I voice no allegiance to either party, just what is right and what is wrong. Donald Trump is wrong. His ban of Muslims is unequivocally wrong. Paul Ryan and every Republican congressman that stands by as this unconstitutional law is put into place should give in their resignation letter immediately.

The United State of America stands against this. The voting numbers proved that. The women’s march proved that. The massive outpouring of ACA support proved that. I will never say Donald Trump is not my president, but I will never say I am proud to have him as my president.

He is a disgrace to the oval office. His administration is a disgrace to the government. And January 27th 2017 is one of the most disgraceful days in America’s history.

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