Merrick Garland and Mitch McConnell (11.15.16)

Well, the Republicans claim to want unity now. There is a simple act they can perform to show their sincerity. Fulfill your Constitutional duty to “advice and consent” on President Obama’s Supreme Court appointment.

#ConfirmMerrickGarlandNow It’s a cut-and-dried case and every law of Man and God weighs against the Republicans, and their gizzard-necked, frog-eyed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. All those #NotMyPresident protests that are expressing our vague dissatisfaction and fear about the coming Trump Presidency need to be directed toward a specific objective. #MerrickGarlandNow is that objective.

If the Republicans truly want to treat with the Left in good faith, then they will confirm the moderate, impeccably-credentialed Merrick Garland immediately. There’s no gray area there. If, as we all suspect, the Republicans are merely playing politics with Constitutional Duty to assure that the Supreme Court remains Conservative for another 50 years, then they will continue on the course they’ve already charted.

However, if these #NotMyPresident protests could coalesce into a #MerrickGarlandNow movement, we might have a fighting chance. We would at the very least publicize the immense hypocrisy and negligence of the Republican Senate leaders and the Republican Party in general. 
I have a fantasy of a multiracial militia called, “John Brown’s Bad Hombres” marching through Kentucky, armed to the teeth, on our way to Mitch McConnell’s mansion to apply some necessary pressure to the good Senator. Let’s see just how seriously they take the #2ndAmendment, when it’s not just reactionary crackers who are strapped and against the government. #GallowsHumor2016