Stoic Philosophy in the Star Wars Universe

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Publicity still from The Mandalorian Media Kit, courtesy of Disney

The image of a lone warrior walking a barren wasteland is a captivating sight. Made popular by movies, television, and graphic arts, the single fighter following a path unyieldingly will always incite a sense of excitement in its viewers. Following an ancient practice, upholding the highest laws, or bringing some wrongdoer to justice, a solitary hero’s strict adherence to a long-held code, ethos or principle sets them apart from the rest of us and elevates them to the status of a champion.

The Mandalorian showed audiences a lone hunter, unyielding in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. “Mando” operates within…

Handling peer review and criticism using Stoicism and its tenets as a guide

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Marcus Aurelius faced much criticism throughout his life, both as a man and as Emperor of Rome. For example, the “Historia Augusta” says:

Some maintain—and held it a fault—that he was insincere and not as guileless as he seemed, indeed not as guileless as either [Antoninus] Pius or [Lucius] Verus had been. Others accused him of encouraging the arrogance of the court by keeping his friends from general social intercourse and from banquets.

In Meditations 10.36, he even said that he expects to have many people standing by his deathbed who will be glad when he’s gone because their values…

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Adam Piercey is an Engineering Technologist living in Toronto, Canada, and works in the world of innovation technology.

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