Know who’s got more responsibility for mass incarceration than Hillary? Bernie Sanders
Carlos M Vizcarra

Through deceptive language the author of this hit piece would have you believe that Bernie co-sponsored H.R.3355, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. This is not true. This is a credible source. What the author has chosen to omit is that the bill was signed into law by Bill and that Hillary had been very vocal in her support of it. Bernie did vote “Aye” on the bill. Here’s why: He clearly states that he has “serious problems” will the bill but supports the Violence Against Women Act, a key provision. Here is another clip of him speaking on the House floor about crime and poverty shortly before the ‘93-’94 Congress voted on that bill- I would like you to compare what he says in those short videos to the unwavering support of the entire bill by Hillary-

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