I will just ignore 90% of your ad hominems and answer the underlying question about…
Olivier Janssens

“Having a bunch of ‘non-mining full nodes’ in the network will not prevent a government from taking control of the miners.”

Yes it will. At least, some non-mining full nodes can quickly turn into mining full nodes in the event of a crackdown on miners. Without non-mining full nodes the response time to an attack on miners would be greater.

The second reason for running a non-mining full node is to enhance network connectivity so transaction message propagation is optimal (sybil attacks are not the issue here on a gossip network).

The third reason has to do with game theory so the balance of power between miners, users and developpers is sustainable. Users = non-mining full nodes because its hard to imagine businesses using the bitcoin network (exchanges, payment processors , etc) not running their own non-mining full node to prevent network connectivity issues.

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