Why my Facebook feed ain’t a newsfeed

Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events.

It’s not secret that fake news are everywhere. It’s also no secret that Facebook feed algorithm does a poor job at displaying what you want to see…

An algorythm to make you a good consumer?

Here’s a screenshot at the first items that I saw in my feed a couple days ago:

  • A review of a $207,000 car
  • A review of a pair of $333 shoes
  • A review of a car… that doesn’t even exist yet
  • … and something about a laptop that I don’t care about

So basically these 4 articles are about consumption and specifically of luxurious goods that I could not purchase even if I wanted to.

A little about myself: I live a minimalist lifestyle, I only buy used cars and I make less than CA$100,000/year. So… why do I get this? Is this because Facebook’s algorithm is shitte or is it because they want me to consume?

I would assume that a company with a market cap of US$347.85B does things the right way… So basically their goal is to make me the kinda of consumer that buys the crap that the Fortune 100 wants to sell. Meh.

An algorythm to make you believe that media are trustworthy?

I don’t know how to title this paragraph… but basically. Trump’s election got everyone surprised because media outlets were so sure that Hillary would win… but they forced her down everyone throat. Sanders made way more sense for me and I didn’t not understood why they kept showing us Hillary as if she had already won the primaries…

They have a story and they build everything to make that story hold true until… it doesn’t.

Fast forward to now… and you see the same thing happening in France, medias made Juppé (a former prime minister that could pretty much be a Sith Lord in Star Wars with all the crimes he had perpetrated) the winner of the right-wing party primaries… but… he didn’t win. The guy who won was the third in the polls and they didn’t covered him that much. And now they are covering the left-side party primaries… and they only focus on 2 guys and forget to say that there are many other parties on the left spectrum…. well basically. They have a story and they build everything to make that story hold true until… it doesn’t.

Yesterday something incredible happened. Many reporters on the field (or it seems) in Alep, Syria reported that it was their last day… as if it was a PR stunt to make everyone look at them. These guys are the reputable sources that journalists based their stories on and… after digging a few minutes I discovered… that some of them are part of an organization (the white helmet) that received US$100,000,000 from the US and UK government… How can these guys be independent when they are financed by governments that are enemies of the regime in place?

So today I looked at the news in my Facebook feed and here is what I see:

  • A fear mongering article where Moore predict terrorist attack will kill us all… Terrorist attacks are not killing anyone. If you don’t agree… learn math.
  • An article about the PR campaign of anti-regime activists.
  • An article that keeps showing that Bloomberg would have preferred Clinton (get over it guys…)
  • And… a fake news from a news source that used to be reputable

And where are The New York Times, Le Monde, etc? Well… after Trump election they were posting so many fake news and useless opinion pieces that I unsubscribed. And you know what? If I go on their page… there are some great articles there. Great journalist work. But when I was a subscribed of their page… I would never see these. So today I’ve started to unsubscribed to every single page that post fake news, opinion piece and anything that doesn’t rely on facts (and by facts I mean something that you can find in under 10 minutes…).

Wish I could go back in time to 2008, when I was using RSS and not through a shitty emojified algorythm to know what was happening in the world.