Why I’m Joining Kraken

Pierre Rochard
Oct 4 · 3 min read

In high school I started reading about monetary economics and became a proponent of free market money. At the time, I thought that free market money would be precious metals. When I started learning about Bitcoin, it became clear to me that it would out-compete both fiat and precious metals in the long run. Competition in the market for monies is over liquidity.

Existing monies are the most liquid asset in our economies, so it makes sense that bitcoins are far more liquid in exchange for fiat currencies than they are in exchange for any other far less liquid asset.

Exchanges have emerged as efficient on and off ramps between fiat currencies and bitcoin. One of those exchanges has built an excellent reputation for client service, security, and leadership: Kraken.com . It offers spot, OTC, and futures products, 24/7/365.

When I spoke with the team at Kraken, it became clear that joining them would be the best way I can help Bitcoin achieve mass adoption.

As a Bitcoin evangelist at Kraken, I will focus on education and open source development. The importance of education can not be overstated. Everyone in the world needs to learn something about Bitcoin, first so that they can make an informed decision about whether to stack sats or not. Then they can decide how far down the rabbit hole they want to go: holding their own private keys, using advanced wallets, running their own node, developing web applications with payments, and contributing to protocols and implementations.

On the coding side, contributions will be focused on helping Kraken and its users benefit from innovative open source projects. The entire crypto industry is completely dependent on open source, companies that embrace it can discover new competitive advantages. Everyone benefits when the UX of decentralized technologies improves.

Global mass adoption of Bitcoin has two prerequisites: liquidity and technology. I’m excited to help Kraken continue leading on both!

If you are interested in joining Kraken in any role, please click the link below and see what’s available. We have many remote roles that could get you earning bitcoins and contributing to the new global monetary system!

Thank you to Jesse and his team for building the mighty Kraken. Interfacing with the existing fiat payment systems is not an easy undertaking at scale. They have helped onboard countless people to the new Bitcoin economy. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work at Kraken.

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