Do you know what it means to warp?

Besides the Star Trek reference, that was my first thought too by the way.

Warp is when a ship’s crew, or boat’s crew, throws out or rows out their anchor in the direction they want to go, but can’t. For example, when they want to get out of the harbour or sail against the wind. They would literally put the anchor in a row boat and row out as far as they could, drop the anchor and pull the ship by the rope towards the anchor.

The absolutely new derives from the return to the sources that lie ahead. This is the art: “We remember what is to come.”
Paul Evdokimov

An anchor represents tradition, certainity, safety, and stability. Tradition can be a powerful tool to get you moving in the right direction.

What is the best of the past? What are the methods and practices that have lasted for decades or even centuries that will move us forward?

Put those in the row boat.