sculpture by Romain Langlois

As we turn the corner and hopefully on our way to summer, dreams of pina coladas and lazing on the beach starts dancing through our collective consciousness.

Yet, as almost anyone will tell you that after even just a few days of lazing around, most are itching to get back to work. Can I get an amen? One can only do so many daiquiris, and play so many boardgames in the beach house…

For some reason we like to think that doing nothing with no responsilibilities is the ultimate human achievement. Retire before 40 and you win!

But, most people that retire die soon after, and most people that are able to retire before 40 hardly ever do so.


Humans need to work. It is a fundamental part of what makes us human, we are at our best when we are knee deep (or chin deep) in work, stretched to the absolute max of our mental and physical capacities. When we are deeply focused, and in a state of flow, where time and space grow strangely dim, we are the closest to happiness and heaven.

Work is a gift not a curse.

Amusement, is just that, A- (not) MUSEment (the source of inspiration), that is: not-inspiring (breathing in spirit), and ultimately not incarnating (life giving, taking on flesh).

Rest is good, don’t get me wrong, it’s good in order to prepare for work. Idle time is necessary, that is when creativity strikes, but then we need to go and create it, build it, make it, at max effort.

That is happiness.

go read Deep Work by Cal Newport

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