The Fashionable Bastard

“It is impossible to have any style without the right dog”
-Isaac Mizrahi

Pets have always been a style statement, from the Queen of England’s corgis, Yves Saint Laurent’s french bulldogs, to Paris Hilton’s Louis Vuitton handbag riding chihuahua. Dogs are accessories, as well as companions.

This does cause a host of problems as breeds go out of style, with shelters becoming swamped with tiny teacup breed when the fad followers realise it actually takes work to care for a dog. And they aren’t always cute, bodily fluids and fleas come to mind.

Lately, maybe in tune with the empathic economy trend, creating value for both parties, it has become the trend to adopt rescue dogs and or mixed breeds. From Tim Ferriss, the Four Hour Work Week author, with Molly to movie star and style icon Charlize Theron with Tucker and her other four rescues.

Our Bastard, JanSnif
Charlize Theron and Tucker

but why, and why does it matter?

As the world continues to splinter into thousands of tribes and narratives, we are spinning away faster and faster from any norm or status quo.

We, as postmoderns, fundamentally (ironically enough), distrust any meta-narratives, whether by governments, religions, or global brands. We have all experienced the health problems that come with pure bred dogs.

Perhaps we are getting kinder as ‘n human race? Perhaps this is why we like Jon Snow so much. We associate with the bastard, the underdog, the misfit.

and perhaps we are getting just a but more kind.

Perhaps a thought to keep in mind, when you try to create the ‘NEXT BIG THING’ or the ‘NEW GLOBAL MOVEMENT’?

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