“Why? Should I Go See It?”
Erin Ramsey

I haven’t seen it yet, but only because the previews made it look godawful.
However, as a counterpoint to good female leads, here are some of my faves:
Here are some other movies with killer female leads )sometimes literally!):
Gone Girl (almost had ecstasy at the Neil Patrick Harris scene, waht an annnoying dweeb)
Virtually anything with Bette Davis, but All About Eve really stands out.
Any amount by Katharine Hepburn, though I’m partial to Philadelphia Story or The Lion in Winter
Star Wars recent one? Rey was pretty cool
Kill Bill and Kill Bill II, though you can make the case this was more of a sock-chop fantasy for Quentin
Tokyo Story 
The whole Three Colors trilogy, though White is definitely more centered on the male lead.
Don’t go to big box theatres to find good movies, go to indie ones or pore through the classics.
Oh hey, I almost fogot Wild.
Also, pick up anything from Terry Moore, the guy is a genius.

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