“impak Coin” Token Sale: Cryptocurrency for Impact Investing
Chadwick Strange

Hey Chadwick! I am head of product at impak Finance. I first want to say thanks for this article it is a really good run through of our project in all it’s dimensions. I would be very interested in talking further with you regarding the product line up we have at play. BTW we have a public slack channel for this in case you would be interested https://join.slack.com/impakters/shared_invite/MTkzNTE3ODA3MTg3LTE0OTY3NzQ0NTUtMjAxMDM5MjYyOA

One of the most fascinating thing to me is that I believe that we are very far from realizing this project’s real potential. I was recently covering some research about transaction mapping from a crypto currency used by open source developers and how you can better target new developments towards the actual market needs. Imagine, for example, doing the same for social or environmental issues and having a greater understanding of the actual needs to better target interventions.

Let me know if you like to know more about what we are currently developing, would be happy to share with you.