Djovan Henriques

Greetings Back!

Thanks for continuing to write. Your observations are indeed striking and show that you have a vivid awareness of the ‘connections’ in life, the fact of syncronicity. I fully agree with your interpretation.

Unfortunately the USA is one of the worst countries for good food. Americans are by and large brainwashed into consuming low-quality food that has poor nutritional value and is sold for relatively expensive prices while it’s mostly junk.

Even in a salad bar you have to watch out for the dressings, so that they do not contain that notorious and ever-present corn starch which is really a dominant ingredient in America.

If you and others would tell me they would find it useful, I would add-on a section to my Honor the Onion site with easy vegetarian recipes. So please let me know. My friend Jaziri in Tunis also doesn’t know how to cook and follows my ideas. But he is in a much better situation than you. Tunisia is a great country for food next to some other Arabic countries like Morocco and Lebanon. Even here in Asia I sometimes go to Lebanese restaurants for I love dishes like Hummus or Falafel. In Tunisia the street food is very good and nourishing and mostly vegetarian. Jaziri says he eats for about 2$ per day only.