Thank you for your input! I’ll respond to each piece individaully to refrain from being too brief..
Djovan Henriques

I am 61 and therefore somehow closer to Trump (who is 70) age-wise. In your age I was a child, really, still very dependent on my dear mother.

Here you are saying something very noteworthy:

In my view, if negative, hostility is the method for some people to communicate ideas and beliefs, there must be something flawed in their balance of logic and emotion; and it shows more about the person’s mental health than anything else…

Well, yes, hostility is always a defense and as such, not normal and spontaneous (or carefree, non-worrying) human behavior. There is always an inner complex at work that somehow pushes the man or woman (or child) to show other people ‘the cold shoulder’ or to be generally ‘protective’ rather than open. People who are hostile are basically shielded, they have built a wall around their heart. And often, as you say, they have mental health issues, hidden or known.

I am sorry to hear that you suffer from hostile responses on Twitter or other social media. I went through this for several years when I started publishing but it all has calmed down, except on Youtube where some guys call me ‘the ultimate troll’ and some others, ‘old idiot, shut up’ but you know I got pretty much over it. It doesn’t affect me any longer and here the Law of Attraction shows all its beauty—negatively in this case, for as I stopped to give any focus on that situation and these people, it changed much for the better. Now I am obviously attracting smart and respectful people like yourself who have something to share with me, and I always respond to that.

I learnt today that Trump is actually quite obsessed with the media and watches quite a lot of TV. A NYT journalist wrote that he could detect a pattern in Trump’s Twitter behavior, namely that he often tweets angry posts right after a TV show that he disliked, or some bad news about him.

You have so much in common with my best friend, Jaziri Boubaker, from Tunisia, who is your age and a great researcher, and robust friend since several years. And you, like him, have an astonishing maturity of judgment and of thinking in your young age, which I absolutely missed out on in your age. I was simply a fool when I was young and still pretty much until 2012 after two years of a great misinvestment in Thailand and lots of very bad relationships. That was the trigger for a substantial change of character and of relationships. I am at peace now, having learnt that it’s a major mistake to pick the wrong people and then try to change them to become the right people. It sounds totally crazy, right, but that’s what many people are doing without being aware that it’s a recipe for failure in relationships.

Be always very tolerant with yourself, that’s the most important. Here are some videos I produced in 2000, the year when my mother died and I tried to commit myself to helping others instead of deploring the loss of my dear mother. I hope that the little videos are helpful to you for building all the self-confidence you need in order to resist with a compassionate eye those who are aggressive and hostile to you in exchanges. When you are strong inside, you are gentle outside without forcing anything, it’s pretty much an automatism.

And in this sense, Donald Trump has a weakness, a lack of self-confidence very deep inside, and accordingly he reacts in a bullying manner and often inconsiderate of others’ feelings while I believe that in private he is more of a gentle person. It may also be the transition to politics which requires him to redefine himself as a politician which is because of his total lack of experience certainly a big challenge.

Thanks again for your prolific comments and ideas!