Djovan Henriques

You are touching important points here. Let me respond.

(1) Fluctuations

You call it that way, sounds creative. Let me say this, nothing to criticize here. I fully agree with you. It’s his personality. He is an on-the-spot person, which coordinates well with his showmanship. He is an ad-hoc person which is also why he is a public person. Unpredictable? Well, to a certain extent but not in the extreme. Flashy, yes, always in the limelight. And why not? What have those journalists to f*ck with criticizing a president only because he is unconventional and on the run, because he is an adrenalin shooter, because he is a somewhat boastful male runner … what do they really want, are they even aware of it? An intellectual office sitter? A cynical never-happy? A skeptic? A homosexual? A softy? To be true, they are happy to have something to smear in their papers, and more than something, it’s more like constant delivery, and you can be sure there is always almost a surprise in the gift wrapper.

(2) Awkward Comparisons

I responded to that already.

(3) Piers Morgan

It seems that now in America you need to be careful if you have a great name but still say ‘I like Trump’ or at least ‘I can live with him as a President.’ A storm may wait for you, and you risk to get torn up in public. We could say it’s simply ridiculous but it’s not in a democracy. All this has the tone of witch hunts … and this brings me to the last point, the most serious one.

(4) Russia

What the heck is wrong when you are American but still find Russians okay? What is the purpose of this ultimate witch hunt against Trump and some of his aides or bygone-aides. This is war propaganda if you ask me. It’s not a normal thing at all and it reminds me of McCarthy times. At that time back in the 1950s you were followed up by intelligence if you had any sympathy for communism. Now, if you work for the government, you are followed up by intelligence if you have any sympathy for Russia or you do business with Russia and Russians. Here too, what I hear is the tone of a witch hunt. It roars, it shouts, it yells in the media, all over the place. This is not normal at all in a democracy. It’s what it is, a ‘Feindbild’ in the sense Goebbels used that term. Oh, what a nightmare when a president suddenly says to all Americans: ‘What’s wrong with Russia?’

Thanks for the reference to your article on Though Catalog. I am grateful to know another publishing opportunity for I never heard of this site before.