Thank you for your insights here!
Djovan Henriques

You are welcome! I am glad you found my advice useful.

I would like to really encourage you to use your freetime, if ever you are not too tired from your work, for helping others. It is so rewarding in the long run. I feel that even in my old age I can be useful at least on the web if not also locally to people here, and this is ultimately the best in life.

I encourage you to setup a video channel with your own ideas. Please feel free to ask and comment on this subject for I do have some experience in this matter. After all, I started photography at the age of 9 and filmmaking at the age of 16. My mother was working for the Ministry of Education, in a special unit that produced media for schools, and I passed all my school holidays in her office where I got so much support and advice for learning the basics of photography and filmmaking. So I learnt it really from very early age.

Here is my Vimeo channel: