Inspired by the writings of Daoist Master Hua-Ching Ni, Los Angeles, USA

Spiritual development is a personal endeavor, not a subject for organized religion, which is merely a social pursuit. Clarifying emotional problems, looking through your conceptual think, remapping your self-set boundaries such as your personality, or solving your relational problems, provides the possibility for you to restore personal balance and attain poise and inner peace.

In human life, all of us have three spheres; the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. It cannot be denied that all life needs material support, but our spirit also needs development. The direction…

Note Using the male form in the narration of this text stands for using both the male and female forms, but is done to avoid an unnecessarily convoluted style.

I — Adaptability

The sage is adaptable, he is mentally flexible. He does not insist upon a certain direction to take, in whatever he does. He goes with the flow, he is creatively ‘undirected’ and ‘unintentional’ for he does not believe in what nowadays is called a ‘purposeful life.’ He questions that there is something like a single direction in life called ‘purpose’ or ‘ultimate goal’ or else, single focus…

Postmodern monoculture is no outcropping of human smart. It is a no-solution to human needs. It serves, if ever, industry needs.

But to judge traditional agriculture in general as a big mistake, as it is now more and more voiced in the media, is also inaccurate. Humans did not always use their smart so poorly as to not find better ways to make food for living, and produce such food in a sustainable manner and without the cost of destroying life.

Guillaume Bodin ( writes that one of the biggest problems with traditional agriculture is that it kills off life…

The Personal Dimension of the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction

I have written about the mundane-astrological dimension of this important Saturn-Pluto Alignment which last occurred in the 1980s. Now it is from 2019 to December 2021.

Most people will anyway be more interested in how this planetary configuration acts upon their personal lives, rather than what it does to politics, and the world at large.

Well, it is the quintessential motor for change, and for personal advancement. For people however who are extremely change-unfriendly it may be the advent of a ‘bad time’ to pass. This is generally so however in all of…

Saturn-Pluto Conjunction with an Orb of Less than 2% has Explosive Effects on World Events

There are many articles regarding the Saturn-Pluto alignment as it started again (after 1982) now on January 12, 2020. But they regard personal astrology, not mundane astrology. (They focus on individuals, not the world at large, on personal fate, not political constellations).

In my previous post I have mentioned this important astrological alignment with a clear focus on the US-Iran conflict. I have pointed out that previously this rather abrasive planetary alignment was present and overshadowed the outbreak of both WW1 and WW2 and the Cold War, according to the analysis by Richard Tarnas, the author of ‘Cosmos and Psyche.’

The Saturn-Pluto Alignment from January 12, 2020

There is an old Chinese military proverb that a says ’Never give your enemy a martyr!’ Martyrdom is what most floods all subconscious barriers leading people to give 100+ times more of their energy and zeal in any conflict than under ordinary circumstances.

Quasem Soleimani was a charismatic leader, not an ordinary military commander. He will now be treated with all the state pomp as a national symbol for survival and as a hero and religious martyr. This is very dangerous for the West for it will mobilize the hidden falcons in Iranian…

Serving and Loving are Connected

Recently, I took the firm decision to serve. It never came to my mind earlier in life. I took living for myself for granted.

I found it already a challenge to serve myself well, for in fact I did not serve myself well over all those years. Not even myself. So how could I even in a dream serve others?

But honestly, when you are on that track, there is an end to it, there is a point where you are fedup to serve only yourself. Life becomes boring and in fact, meaningless. …

How Life and Art Interact Creatively


I create on the spot. My art, music, and writings all express my wholeness. My art and music express my integral vision of life. My views on early systems learning are a development of my intrinsic life philosophy that ‘all-is-one.’ The universe is an organism that flows and evolves; it constantly transmutes into new forms and expressions, while its core substance remains the same.

The Loving Matrix

Religions have all been wrong to search for a god situated outside of creation. It is not logical doing that for who, then, has created that god? …

Spiritual autonomy is the personal path to religion, a religion without ritual, an inner ‘religio.’ It is the fruit of contemplation, not of searching. Its patchwork is creative flow, its artisanal quality a function of spontaneity. It can manifest in all areas of life, as there are no ‘spiritual’ and ‘material’ parts in a life. All is spiritual for the spiritual seeker, all is material for the materialist. Spiritual autonomy is focused on daily life and daily enchanted duties; it is the opposite pole to ideology and organized religion. In its accomplishment, it is simply bliss.

How did I get…

Several years ago, a friend suggested me to write a book with the title of ‘Cosmic Cookery.’ He knew I was a versatile hobby chef and food photographer, and also knew that I am a writer and spontaneous philosopher. So he thought I should write a book that while talking about cooking actually talks ‘philosophy.’ I found the idea not bad but never sat down to actually start writing that book.

Honestly, it was that adjective ‘cosmic’ what disturbed me in the title. It sounds too grandiose for my taste, and that’s the hidden reason I never tackled the job…

Peter Fritz Walter

Writer, Artist, Musician, Media Producer | | Twitter @pierrefwalter

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