Common Mistakes during Restoration of an Old House

Fixing an old house is nothing less than a fun task but it can cause quite a spending. And the budget can get out of hands if there are some mistakes made during the process. Bad news is that making mistakes during restoration of old house is easier. Having that said, it is worth mentioning some of the common mistakes which people make during this type of restoration work.

Assembling a room

When you are planning restoration, it can be quite easy to go to the store and picking the elements and items that are put into shape to form the design of a room. While this act is not a mistake when you have just got your new home built and now you want to bring stuff for the room, it surely is a mistake when it’s the room of old house you want to assemble. The biggest factor in the old houses and their rooms is the ‘character’. Every room in a home tells a story. You do not want this character to diminish. Hence, you will need to plan this assembling of the home if you want to renovate the room of your old home.

Too period perfect

When you wish to restore an old home to make it livable, you actually wish to bring new elements to make a mix of old and new to form an amazing contrast. If you are sticking with only old-styled items, it will make the room and home look like a museum rather than a home. Therefore, you can form a magic combination with the help of mixing and matching.

Modernizing kitchen and bathroom

Since bathroom and kitchen are among the signature areas of any home, their ability to match with the entire theme of home is something which stands crucial in deciding about the home value. While you need to modernize your bathroom and kitchen if your home is of modern style, same is not recommended when it’s the old home you are working on the restoration of. The character of your entire home is something you wouldn’t want to diminish. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep the kitchen and bathroom of home in the same ancient style.

Stuck in replacement mode

Although you want to keep as many old items as you can, sticking with this approach can result in a design mismatch. If there is a theme you want to preserve but a part of it needs to be replaced, you may not be able to keep its character preserved. In that case, it is recommended to change the entire feature. Nevertheless, there can be some alternatives you can work on. For instance, if you want to preserve the brick wall but it’s too worn out to be the part of the room, you can go for the faux brick wall in order to preserve the overall character of the room.