If you love a particular cause, you’ll be who you need to be to bring that cause forward. You won’t let your current deficiencies stop you. You’ll get educated. You’ll acquire skills. You’ll develop relationships. You’ll fail. You work. You’ll look foolish.
The Only Thing Powerful Enough To Overcome Everything Holding You Back
Benjamin P. Hardy

Success looks a lot like hard work.

Great article! Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset is the perspective that separates those who become overwhelmed, fear failure, and don’t try — from those who know that the value is in trying every time.

We think you might enjoy The Perfect 15-Minute Day method, an effective way to manage the daily distractions in our workday (such as social media, email, as well as interrupting thoughts and emotions).

When we admit that we are the ultimate creators of our lives, we regain a sense of agency and self-reliance. It is only then that we no longer allow our external environment to control us.

Thank you for the great insight!

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