Tips on Mental Health
(Tunnel of Passion #TunnelOfPassion)

My experience

My TOP Tips

² We all face times of traumatism, time when we feel down. I experienced a depression…

³ Depression is a tunnel (There is an end, 3 to 6 months!):

³ Watchout double dip… I had to go through five tunnels before being solid, second one lasted longer. Need everyday attention, build habits to savour the small precious moments of each days

³ You come out stronger and become the light at the end of someone else’s tunnel

² Passion:

³ Driven people are more subject to “burning out”, they are actors, DRIVE their life which sometime takes them through TUNNELS. This rich journey appears better to me than those staying on the side of the road. Spectator, standing have less risk to go through tunnel AND missing a lot from life’s opportunities

² Meet people:

³ Go out, meet people don’t let yourself lock in the spiral

² Treat your brain as a muscle:

³ For an injured muscle you take drugs (e.g. anti inflammatory) and visit a doctor (e.g. physio for a Massage). I resist putting bandage (rescue)

³ Massage equivalent to the brain is visiting a psychotherapist: he will give you a toolbox and teach you which tools are relevant for you

³ Drug: equivalent to the drug is to take anti-depressor and when really needed a short dose of anxiolitic . Moderm world pace requires modern drungs. Antidepressant don’t make you dependant, even anxiolitics pills can be stop easily with mental strength you regained as you recover.

² Rituals

³ Do MORE of what you like Things I do to be Happy

² 90% of people who suffer depression are “normal” (aka no other physical challenge e.g. diabetes, poly-handicap, contagious disease,…) :

³ They have the inner strength to get through tunnel. 100%

² Depression IS to be compared to an open leg fracture:

³ You can, as in the cave age, choose to do nothing (aka no cast, no drugs). Or go full medication with doctor support. I fear drugs (e.g. I travel to Papua without malaria tablets) yet go full on depression drugs when in a tunnel!

² I plan to start a foundation called “head cast”:

³ People who suffer from depression can get their cast signed by mates in the same way as when you break a leg

² Suffocate the disease:

³ Open your legs arms wide, breath, keep your brain busy in chunks of 30minutes. If tired, really tired, go to bed. If you cannot sleep after 30minutes then you are not really tired, wake up and move on. Repeat until tired. Get your mate to extract you from bed as it it so hard!!!), don’t let him poison you (e.g. shrink into yourself, body language.

² Medical support:

³ I Try 6 doctors. Pick the one you relate (e.g. immigrant like you if you are an immigrant), over invest, don’t hesitate to change if you feel not 100% in touch. You will find the right one and the time to get to grant him your confidence will be light speed. Leverage skype, invest all your savings in those $100 or so session, it is worth it. They will offload your backpack on what appears obvious to them versus a perceived cause of an insurmountable disease to you (e.g. mother in law relationship, strange things you did during your puberty, …)

Medication (again I am not a doctor!!)

² Medications have had a success on at least for a time


SNRI Symbalta 60mg

SNRI Effexor 70mg

SSRI Aropax (Paroxetine) 20mg

SSRI Prozac 40mg->60mg

TCA Anafranil (Obsession)

SNRI Pristiq (desvenlafaxine) 200mg

TCA Dothep 225mg

Valpro Sodium Valproate 400mg. Mood Stabilizer

Lamotrigine (Lamitcal) 100mg à If you have some “shades” of Bipolar. Enables 60% of people avoid Litium

² Session with Social Worker, Hypnosis, Sport, PTSD (Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder includes EDMR Eye Movement Desentization & Reprocessing), Church, Naturopath, Yoga, Meditation, self-improvement books are good complement

² Try to stayed away from Brain Electric shocks, find it middle age and lot of doubts on effectiveness.

My toolbox (French)

² 3 AXES : COGINTION (Ce que je pense), EMOTION (Ce que je ressent), COMPORTEMENT (Ce que je fait/action)

² Séparer les faits et interprétation des faits. Auto observation (jeu de rôle imagerie mentale)

² Thérapie, théorie cognitive:

³ Schéma profond: (enfance) : met en évidence 2 que l on doit procéder pour les mettre en route pour les changer: 1) tout le monde doit m aimer --> reconnaissance/perfection, 2) les gens doivent agir comme je le souhaite.

³ 1) Schéma inconscient (hardware, ce que je pense): induit par parent, société, école. comment procéder pour les exécuter?...

³ 2) Evénement (écran, ce que je ressent): ce jour, une belle famille, maison, pays, prendre plaisir. --> tourner la page voir fermer le livre. futur: spirituel (un désir sans intention (moteur) sert a rien)

³ 3) Processus cognition (software, ce que je fait): DISTORTION/disfonctionnement. entre les 2 (software, e.g. péjoration)

³ à Distorsion Cognitives: 1) inférence arbitraire (ceci donc cela), 2) Généralisation (toujours/Jamais), 3) abstraction négative, 4) personnalisation (tache lors diner, arrives only to me), 5) Maximalisation to negatif et minimalisation do positif, 6) Raisonnement dichotomique (sans nuances)

² My cheat cheat as a Corporate Athlete trainer à

² Therapies cognitives de Christophe Andre


² Simple books, read in a day or two, very profound tips to change!

All Blacks DONT CRY

Reasons to Stay Alive by [Haig, Matt]

The Power/The Secret

The power of NOW

The HOW of Happiness

Work Life Effectiveness (15 Strategies) Jim Lafferty

Define your “5 roles” in life and Make choices
Use 1 schedule for your life
On the defining moments, choose family
Take real vacations
Master writing
Practice 80 to 20
Train your people
30 minutes of exercise/day
Keep relationships well-fed
Leverage technology – be smart!
Develop a list of “100 things to do before you die” - go for at least 2/year
People rise to your highest expectations - or sink to your lowest. Trust & Delegate.
Use the “mother” rule
Integrate work and your life
Give back (e.g. train others, join a charity group)

Goals = Dream + DEADLINE




Jim Lafferty

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. "

Abraham Lincoln, USA President

This week is the first week of the rest of your life Omar Mahmoud
Happy New week (517)
A sense of abundance

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. Buddha

1. When tipping, round up.

2. When paying a bill, have gratitude for possessing the resources to pay it. How we give influences how we get.

3. When you receive payment, be conscious of the gratitude for those who were able to pay it to you. How we get influences how we give.

4. Give in creative ways that cost less.

5. Be generous with your spirit. A smile costs nothing. Kindness and compassion are always possible to give.

6. Consider sharing magazine subscriptions with others.

7. Cultivate a meditation practice.

8. As soon as you receive some unexpected windfall, think about passing some of it on, or do something generous.

9. Reframe a financial loss as a tuition payment, and be sure you learned the lesson.

10. Whenever possible, let someone who owes you a debt lend it to a third person instead of paying you back. As Catheryn Ryan Hyde put it “change the world, one favor at a time”.

You only lose what you cling to. Buddha

From Daniel Tomasulo’s Mindfulness and Cashflow

Have a great week

Positive Psychology (the future of psychology)



² Everybody Hurts (REM)

à Don’t forget you might be the light at the end of someone’s tunnel
à 100% of tunnels have an end
à Count your blessing (includes blessings in disguise)
à Feel free to contact me to exchange Pierre Elias

ANOTHER STORY: Once Nasreddin Hodja broke his arm, people said “we will bring you to doctor!”, Hodja responded “NO!”, people said “Why?”, Hodja said “Bring me to see someone who broke his arm before”