Why hiring me as your Engineering Intern is a good idea

For my Mechanical Engineering and Design degree at the Université de Technologie Belfort-Montbéliard, France, I need to complete a 6-month “Engineer assistant” internship during my 4th year, ideally starting in September 2017.

And I would love to do it both abroad and inside an innovation-driven company.

Why engineering? A passion

Crazy about new technologies and sports, I’ve been racing in national mountain bike competitions since I was 6. Since mechanical engineering represents its very core, working hard on improving and polishing my bike got me deeply interested in it, as well as hard-working, incredibly focused and a very good team player.

Scientific background? A wide one

Throughout my curriculum, I’ve come to learn and understand a wide range of scientific fields; from continuum mechanics to structural analysis, composite materials to modelling and numerical simulation, I’m basically an all-rounder. I am also very willing to learn new skills.

Spoken languages? Four

Living in France, I obviously master French, since it’s my mother tongue. Reading and browsing the Internet for the latest bleeding-edge tech or software; alongside my TV shows addiction (snap, that’s unprofessional) got me a fluent level of English. Travelling and having spent a whole semester studying in Germany got me proficient in German. Finally, I benefited from a semester course in my University to develop basic communication skills of Spanish.

Familiar with computers? Kind of

If you can’t find me on my bike or in the garage, check my computer desk, I’ll be there. I’m passionate about technology and software development. What I love the most about it is the fact that it’s an amazing playground. Playing around got me skills in a wide range of programming technologies, such as C#, C++ (Qt-QML), Java (Android), Python, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Node, React, Angular, MySQL, MongoDB, GraphQL, and others. Designing stuff was also on my agenda, bringing me to use the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, especially Illustrator and InDesign. Current project I’m part of is Liri OS, a new operating system and set of cross-platform apps, and I’m the creator of one them: Liri Calculator.

Leitmotiv? Learning to learn

There is one key point that is common to all projects I worked for: I was under-skilled. Either the disciplinary was new to me, or I had never used the required software in the past, but it led to one specific desirable fact: it was challenging. For instance during my semester in Germany, we, a team of Mexican, French and German people, had to design an entire material ropeway, from the gearbox to the trolleys, choosing technical solutions and providing the whole CAD assembly. I had never used PTC Creo before, nor computed forces between gears, but I asked around and found the relevant resources to make myself useful and bring something to the team. Or when I started designing an icon pack for Android without graphic design skills. Working on projects about a mastered field is cool (but boring), however powering through, with nothing but motivation, is much more interesting and useful.

Seems interesting enough? Feel free to contact me.

Check out my website for more links, explanations about some projects and my resume.