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In these COVID-19 times, anxiety and fear are freezing our ability to respond to any threats or opportunities in our business environment.

We are in surviving times where our reptilian brain takes over rationality. Stopping the engine instead of moving forward sounds to be the only action feasible. Brain and guts, reflection and action are disconnected. In cognitive psychology, that phenomenon is called a reverse locked-in syndrome where the brain commands to fight the fire without any possibility to start fire prevention until your company becomes an empty nutshell unable to respond to any new opportunities.

These lines intend to explain how leaders can start leading again walking slowly through the fog until they find the light for the sake of their company, their people and themselves. …

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I was introduced to Clean Language three years ago through Olaf Levitz and Judy Rees. At the beginning I was intrigued, then I discovered an impressive tool to improve my coaching.

During a U-Lab session in Heidelberg, we had to perform some personal development coaching on some candidates. The workshop was organised in a set of small groups. The coachee and the coaches were sitting in a circle and each of the coaches proceeds to a five-minute session.

I thought this could be a good opportunity to use Clean language for mine.

The coachee had a high dream of sustainability project but he felt judged by his colleagues. That negative feeling built an unreachable fence to him. …

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Like many of my colleagues, I´m looking for new assignments in form of hiring or contracting.
Last thirteen years, I experienced agile in many contexts from start´ up to global finance. I have the arrogance to believe that I have an average good understanding of what agile coaching is and what an agile coach has to do.
My arrogance leads me to train people to become agile coaches or better agile coaches.
Unfortunately, the market sounds not be aligned with me or I´m not aligned with the market.
Another side effect, many senior agile coaches with huge experience and proven tracks records are sharing this feeling with me. A couple of them accepted the situation for money, others left the agile community. …


Pierre Neis

On my business card, I wrote Agile Coach. My Agile coaching is an evolution of systemic coaching putting myself in the system and not as an outstanding observer

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