After months (even years, in total) of eating, traveling, photographing and writing everything is now in place. For about a week ago i launched my new project,

So, what is it? Shortly recapped guides and recommendations of restaurants, bars, café and more for Sweden and cities in nearby countries, 125+ to start with. A number being filled up every week. Except for recommendations you will also find guides from guests, interviews with interesting people from the business, and even some more.

All in all, now it just got a bit more simple where to eat, drink and cool down with an ice cream this summer! ☀️

Welcome in to explore the world of



For two years ago i took the plunge from working for the product company Prisjakt to the agency NetRelations as Art Director & UX Specialist, which has been a great experience with a lot of personal development.

Now i’m taking the next step in my designer-oriented journey, and will be joining the iconic swedish company IKEA as a Senior UX/UI Designer.

I will be a part of a team called Group Digital at the Hubhult office in Malmö, Sweden and work with the digital IKEA experience together with a bunch of other talented designers, developers and many more.

I’m very happy to get the opportunity to be able to be a part of the IKEA-family, and greatly looking forward to all the great things we will create together at Group Digital from here on over.



Pierre Orsander

Senior Designer + Design Lead at IKEA with a fascination for Design & Psychology. Also a foodie & entrepreneur.