The 7 key points I look at EdTech Startups

I love startups.

I love startups that help me to do better my job as a CDO.

I love startups that help my Business School to deliver the best learning experience to our students.

I love startups that help my Business School to be more efficient, to be more collaborative….

I already meet every week various startups & IT suppliers in the edtech ecosystem.

If you have a great product or service, you can always reach me at pierre-paul.cavalie[at] I will always answer to you.

Before that, please read the 7 key points I am looking at :

  1. Higher Education is a small world, show your Credencials if you have so.
  2. I want to know more about your Team or Organization. Even before your product presentation.
  3. Listen to me before pitching ;-)
  4. Be short. Consider you have 30 min max. for a call or meeting
  5. For your demos : be simple and smart. If live doesn’t work yet, use recorded video.
  6. I do prefer companies that do one thing very well more than platforms with dozens of features
  7. Deliver a “Ready to use Plan” : I want execution smooth & agile in my school.

See you soon :)

See you soon :)

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