August 18, 2015: My first day of freshman year.

August 12, 2019: My first day of freshman year… again.

I’m in college now!

Living in a new place, going to a new school, and starting a new stage of life overall brings about many feelings of reflection and nostalgia. …

In the world of the theatre, to “find your light” means to acknowledge where your spotlight is onstage and step into it. For this article, the title will be used literally and figuratively.

As many people know, I was drawn to performing arts at a very young age. I started…

Dear Sophie,

I’m writing to you from four years in the future: my senior year of high school. While I know you obviously can’t read this now, this is more of my own writing exercise to wrap up my high school experience so far.

I know you are so excited…

Welcome! This blog is going to be sharing my thoughts and rambles that I really can’t put anywhere else. So many of the things that are on my mind can’t venture past my mind into most of my social circles, so these thoughts will live here.

I’ll be starting with…


my thoughts: unfiltered

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