Sketch Artboard Mirroring for Android

Well that took a while, but finally someone has built a Sketch Artboard mirroring app for Android.

Crystal seems to be working pretty smoothly for me at the moment via WIFI but buggy via USB.

Just hit the artboard in sketch for the mirroring and to swap views.

Rory Smith the creator says “Using Sketch is awesome. It’s slick, fast and so easy to make good looking designs. It was just a shame that you could preview designs on your iOS device, but not Android. So I made Crystal, which hooks into Sketch’s existing mirror API to give you a realtime previewing app that works flawlessly. It doesn’t even need a companion Mac app like a few others out there.”

Download Crystal from Google Play


I have just updated to Android 7.1.1 and Crystal has become less stable over Wifi. I have not found a reliable workaround for Wifi. Seems to work first time then just stops and is unable to reconnect.

The companion app for Mac is here and this has fixed the USB connectivity issues for me at least. You will need to select system “Use USB to” “Transfer files” from the OS or toast notification/message.