Welcome to Wordeys!

Here is how to use your new Chrome Extension :)

Step one — Right click on the word you want to know and choose ‘Translate with Google Translate’

You’ll now see the translation with a fresh new Wordeys button at the bottom of the page.

Step two — Build your own phrasebook

Build a customized phrasebook by translating the words you want to know. Tap the star icon to save a translation.

Step three — Practise your phrasebook

When you’re ready, click on the Wordeys button to start practising the words you saved!

Step Four — Remember your phrasebook

You can practise with flashcards and challenge yourself by taking a test.

Step Five — Save your new phrasebook into Wordeys

At the end of the test you can save this list in your Wordeys account and come back to practise more.

Once you’ve saved it, you can edit the list to your liking and delete your Google Translate Phrasebook to make a new one.

Step Six — Organise all your phrasebooks and share them with others to learn together :)

Ok, that’s it! Good luck, we hope we can help you make the world a little smaller. :)

Ps. scroll down for Frequently Asked Questions!

5 creative ways to use the Wordeys Chrome extension:

  1. Listen 👂 to songs (and podcasts) and translate words from the lyrics.
  2. Read articles, books and newspapers 🗞 in your target language to find new words in context.
  3. Watch informative 💡 videos and documentaries and translate the words you want to know.
  4. Speak with locals as you travel 🌏 around and use Google Translate on your phone to save words from your conversations so you can learn them at home.
  5. Use Wordeys as your notebook 📚 to keep, learn and share definitions from your studies or work. Study definitions with flashcard and share your notebooks with colleagues. :)

Bonus: 2 more super ⚡️ tips:

  • For teachers, ask your students to find a song/video/article they like and let them choose the words they want to learn. This way, you can both help them research a topic that’s in line with their interests while learning a language.

(For English teachers; we’re big fans of the Kurzgesagt and The School of Life videos to use as informative language learning content!)

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

‘How much does Wordeys cost?’

Wordeys is free to use for everyone, but you can support us by buying us a ☕️coffee. In fact, we would be very, very grateful if you did! :)

‘I am not seeing the practise button in my Google Translate.’

Please be sure you’re on https://translate.google.com/! Also, the extension might not work when Google Translate is opened in your browser at the moment of installing. If you’re unsure, try deleting the extension and re-installing it without Google Translate opened.

‘How do I save my new Google Translate list into Wordeys?’

You can find the save button at the results page — after you’ve tested it.

‘How do I share my list with someone else?’

You can either share your list by copying the URL at the top of your screen or share the URL you see when you click ‘share’.

‘How do I use the ‘import words’ button?’

Many tools — like excel and other language apps — let you export your word lists. Download those, and upload the .xlsx or .csv file and into Wordeys to start learning them right away.

‘Why would I clone a list?’

If someone sends you a list and you want to make changes to it, you can click ‘clone’ to copy it into your account and edit it as you like.

‘My Youtube link doesn’t work.’

There are a few types of youtube links. It works when the link looks like this:


If you have any other questions, please send us an email at hi@wordeys.com — we read every mail!

Thanks for listening and happy learning,

Team Wordeys

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