Everything that’s ever been

And everything t’will be

Fills a gulf of space and time

Much deeper than the sea.

Every flower drinking dew

Every bird in flight

Every fish and every beast

Every day and night.

Everything you’ve ever done

And everything you’ve said

Will echo up the Cosmic vault

Past when this life you’ve fled.

Don’t fear the clock upon the wall

The passing Moon and Sun

Life eternal’s gifted to

The Many in the One!



The Sky is a Face
The Sun and Moon Eyes
The Wind is a Voice
That Sings as it flies.

I refuted that Face
For I could not See
Blinded, I fell
And got lost in me.

No path lay before
In this strange, twisted land
Nothing to do
But carve one by hand.

Now Darkness is fading
And Light fills the space
I ponder myself
I reveal the Face!