Do We Stop Caring About Popular Music in Our 30s?
Tovin Lapan

We Just Get Too Busy to Stay On Top of New Music

I’m not sure if we stop caring or if we just get too busy with other things (like having children, as mentioned) that we get stagnant in not only our tastes, but in being able to find new artists and songs. Unless we are actively involved in the music scene and really try to stay on top of new music, we just keep listening to our favorite tunes from our youth. It takes time and effort to learn about, listen to, and dissect new music from artists we don’t know and most of us can’t be bothered.

In today’s landscape, it takes time and effort to not only maintain your personal musical library (playlists, etc.) but also to know who is releasing an album when. When I was in high school, I would peruse The Wall or Sam Goody (or even Circuit City) and immediately check the New Releases rack to see what had come out. Because there is so much new music coming from so many different directions, that’s harder to do, at least for me.

The majority of us are in school until usually 22 — sometimes earlier, sometimes later — surrounded by friends that are the same age and usually with the same tastes. In our late 20s, our time and focus becomes so fragmented between careers, relationships, children, home ownership and more that music continues to fall down the priority list. Moreover, considering how stressful these real-life elements are, I believe there is an element in comfort in listening to something that we love and that takes us back to that (seemingly) simpler time the moment we hear the music start.

As adulthood continues to take hold, many of us long for the carelessness and freedom associated with our teens and early 20s and one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to do this is to listen to our favorite artists from that time.

(To further prove the point: this quick, small essay was interrupted multiple times by the needs of a toddler.)

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