Pieta is a crypto mining project, which aims to resolve the most lingering problem of our age — the high cost of bitcoin mining. Through its solar-powered mining system, Pieta will help thousands of miners who are worried about the increasing energy cost and mining difficulty.

While Pieta ecosystem is designed such as to benefit everyone, including individuals and businesses, who gets associated with us, but the special benefit will be to those who join us at the beginning. Here’s why.

See, Pieta project will benefit its investors and users in many ways. For one, the miners of Bitcoin will…

How Is Pieta Coin Different From Other Coins?

Pieta is a new cryptocurrency which was created on the concept of crypto mining using solar energy. As of present, most of the platforms/companies involved in the mining of cryptocurrencies use traditional energy sources such as coal and gas for powering their operations. Pieta will be different in that it will use solar energy for the mining of coins.

Another major difference between pieta and other coins is that pieta will not exactly be sold as a coin. But it is a token created for the purpose of ICO. Upon the successful completion of Pieta ICO, the tokens will be…

Don’t Wait Anymore: Pieta Pre ICO Sale Is Still Live, Ending Shortly (Many People Already Joined)

The pre-ICO sale of Pieta is in its final stage now, and this is the final call to all the potential investors who are still waiting for the right opportunity. The perfect opportunity has arrived as the Pieta token is now available at the lowest price along with the highest bonus offer for just a few more hours. So, if you still haven’t invested, do it now or miss it forever.

The pre-sale of Pieta token will conclude on 14th May at 24 hours sharp, after which the token price will increase to $1.5. …

How does the X20 Hashing Algorithm Keep Mining Hardware Cool?

The X20 algorithm is the latest version of the popular X11 mining algorithm, which has been founded by the Pieta team.

Being a successor to the energy-efficient X11 algo, the X20 algorithm does the same job of reducing energy consumption in the crypto mining process to increase the overall efficiency. Let’s see how it works.

The X11 algorithm, which was created a few years ago, has received both appreciation and criticism from the mining community, as the algorithm has many benefits along with some cons as well.

Now that the new X20 algorithm has been developed to overcome the drawbacks…

In this video, you will get to know about the actual concept of Pieta Ecosystem Bounty Token Distribution Program. The bounty token distribution program of Pieta Ecosystem has already started. Participate in social and content promotion activities of Pieta and earn up to 180,000 free Pieta tokens.

All You need to know about Pieta Cryptocurrency Wallet

Pieta digital wallet is a feature-rich cryptocurrency wallet which has all the standard functionalities and features. Peta digital wallet has an ability to keep a backlog of coins at one place and manage them efficiently as and when required for different transactions, this functionality enables Pieta to pace up the transaction speed while lowering down the transaction cost to ensure the convenience, security, and affordability.

Pieta digital wallet and its application will be launched by November 2019 on Windows platform. It will be the first digital wallet for pieta to be accosted on the Windows platform.

The Pieta wallet app…

During the last year, the fluctuating bitcoin prices have threatened a lot of miner across the world as their profitability from mining operations was on the danger line. The price of bitcoin was observed around $3468 last year in December, which was very close to the threshold mark of $3000, below which earning profits from mining is a tough task.

Talking about this year, the prices and mining difficulty of popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin are gaining solidity and may continue the upward surge. Still, the reports coming from China and other crypto mining places around the globe indicate a new trend…

Pieta is an Eco-friendly Crypto Mining ecosystem which enables crypotcurrency mining through special mining rigs which will be powered by green solar energy. The purpose is to make mining more affordable and eco-friendly and increase the profits of miners and investors. Read white paper for complete understanding of the concept: https://pieta.network/WhitePaper.pdf Join us on Telegram for further discussions: https://t.me/pietacoin Follow Us On Social Media For Latest Updates & News About Pieta: https://www.facebook.com/Pietacoin/ https://twitter.com/pietacoin https://www.instagram.com/pietacoin/ https://medium.com/@pietacoin

Pieta is glad to officially announce its bounty program, under which the team will be giving away 180,000 Pieta tokens for free to the participants of the campaign. The bounty program is already live now. Here’s all you need to know about it.

What is Pieta Bounty Program?

It is a giveaway program which is launched with the purpose to offer rewards to those who help the Pieta ecosystem grow and increase the reach. Anyone who has the zeal to become a success by helping us grow can join the campaign and earn free tokens as rewards.

The ultimate purpose of Pieta’s bounty program is…

Pieta is a solar-powered blockchain mining network in development.

Pieta, when fully developed and running, will be the first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency mining network which will completely run from the power of green solar energy. With Pieta, the aim is to increase the profits of the miners and investors by reducing the cost of crypto mining. Let’s discuss more on the Pieta’s concept.

The concept of Pieta can be better understood by the project’s objectives, which are as follows:

Pieta Goals & Objectives

  • To make crypto mining more eco-friendly
  • To reduce energy consumption in cryptocurrency mining
  • To increase the profitability of crypto mining process
  • To increase the adoption and use of solar energy

Pieta coin…

Pieta (PITC)

Pieta is the key to an ecosystem era. For more information: https://pieta.network

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