DIY science, policy, Brussels etc
Lucy Patterson

Thanks for the feedback and summarising your thoughts. It’s a shame that the event in Berlin did not meet your expectations. Hopefully some of the 500 other DITOs events will do better.

My response to your questions about the DITOs policy paper on the DIYBio mailing list:!topic/diybio/K7Y1_Gg3Oo0

I noticed you have a few more questions here. So to answer those:

  • contributors will have control over what goes into the videos. However, once the videos get posted on youtube anyone can use these for whatever purpose in line with the license
  • there will be many opportunities for anyone to provide feedback on the paper. A first version is published in May 2017 at the Biofabbing conference in Geneva and adjusted annually until May 2019. Just like in any hacker project, you will have the opportunity to fork at any time. We’ll publish the community feedback as much as possible, so it can be used by anyone too
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