“Bot” is a hilariously over-simplified buzzword. Let’s fix that.
Matt Galligan

Great Article Matt, I totally agree this is a new wave of computing. I’ve elaborated from a Business Tech perspective (see 5 use cases for bots in business tech).

I think there will be bots with different levels of context (think stateless, or responding only to your question like siri VS stateful which can interact based on more data than you’d think available).

I also think there is a spectrum of semantical awareness, rather than a category. Some bots are dumb like a programming language. Others such as x.ai understand all the nuances of a topic.

Finally, I believe there will be a category of systems within Bots which is basically conversational layer or platform. You, as a service provider, will plug-in your services, describe semantically and linguistically how you should interact with these services. The layer will then use it as part of its conversations. So Bot will be the UX / presentation layer for a much complex net of systems.

Would love to hear your thoughgs on my use cases. Cheers.



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