Elm first impressions from prod
Anders Hovmöller

I think you got some points correctly, and even though the “bad things” list is way longer than the “good things” one, I see at least three of you bad points can be reduced to:

  • convenient methods (Dict, String, …) which I assume can be discussed in the *.Extra packages
  • poor or messy documentation, and this is already a known issue

Both of the above issues leave a lot of space for you to act, collaborating with the community rather than just complaining :-)

About the syntactical complains (trailing commas, list comprehension, constants for case expression), I also feel the same, at least the trailing commas shouldn’t be that big deal for the compiler.

But it has been decided not to go in that direction, and overall the language is beautiful also because is extremely simple.

The only point I strongly disagree with is the one relative to currying.

Thank you for sharing in any case, although I expected to find more insights about the actual delivery of a production ready product rather than some (well known) rants against the language, to be honest.