How To Never Say Goodbye To Your Favorite Lettuce.

I got this beautiful head of butter lettuce from Blue Apron and I couldn’t resist a little windowsill experiment…

I stopped everything and grabbed a spare pot and my trusty Black Gold (I find it necessary to have extra dirt and pots around at all times but especially in Spring). The perfect addition to a counter busy with the makings of a garden salad: dirt. I feel I should add here that I have no idea if this can work — these roots are just so gorgeous I can’t help myself. I was so surprised when I rolled them out:

Whoa. If anyone is going to be happy, it’s this little lady on this lovely ledge. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update: yes. It works! After only a couple days, there were tiny leaves coming from the middle of the head.

I cleaned up the old leaves a bit, careful not to disturb the roots or the new growth. Here she is a week after planting:

After a few days, the old leaves started to wither and rot, so I pulled them off the new sprout. Sadly, this exposed too much of the delicate baby and it shriveled up. Next time, I will cut all the extra leaf away and make sure that its buried up to the sprout.