Pigeons of Lust | #NFT Based Adult Card Game

What is “Pigeons of Lust”?

Pigeons of Lust is an NFT based adult card game. This unique collection offers you to enter the most social game in the NFT world.

What kind of a card game?

The game is simple as a child’s play but an adult version ;)

What will the challenges be like?

There are 4 types of cards: Common, Silver , Gold and Joker.

With whom I can play this game?

There are 3 ways to play the cards on Pigeons app,

Who can play PoL?

Every person, whether they have PoL NFT cards or not, can download Pigeons App can play unlimited with Joker Cards.

Wait then, what is the privilage for PoL NFT Card Holders in the game?

Every user can start a chat with the people on the homepage list and only the NFT Holders can enter the list. Basically you can think like you have a unlimited Premium subscription for Tinder or Bumble.

What can I do with the points I got?

With the points you’ll claim by doing challenges, you can buy free PoL NFT Cards in our PoL store.

What is the price?

How does the rarity work?

In The First Edition, there will be only 3700 packs and each pack will contain 3 cards.

How can I buy it?

You can buy packs from pigeonsoflust.com where you can also play the card game.

Which network do you use?

Pigeons of Lust will be an NFT card game working on the Polygon Network instead of the Ethereum Mainnet. This has two primary reasons.

Can I see my cards on OpenSea?

Yes, you can think the PoL cards as a regular NFT for OpenSea activities.

What awaits Pigeons of Lust?

Let’s just say this is only The First Edition. Every year a new edition and new expansion packs will be released. You can think this like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon cards.

How can I reach you?

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please do reach us.



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