Pikacho (PKH) Pre-sale opens now!

Pikacho PKH
Jun 12, 2019 · 1 min read
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Pikacho (PKH) Pre-sale opens now! 1ETH=20000 PKH (50% discount)

Name: Pikacho
Ticker: PKH
Contract Address: 0xFc71fA36E95aBAe8c1CEb8cdAF6C747aA14f136b
Total Supply: 10 Billion
Circulating Supply: 6,5 Billion
IEO Price: 1ETH=20000 PKH (50% discount)
Pre-sale Price: 1ETH=20000 PKH (50% discount)
Pre-sale Time: 2019/06/12–2019/07/15
Crowd-sale Price: 1ETH=10000 PKH
Crowd-sale Time: 2019/07/16–2019/08/15
Soft cap: 2000 ETH (20,000,000 PKH)
Hard cap: 250000 ETH (2,500,000,000 PKH)
Total supply 10 Billion: 5% for Airdrop (0.5 Billion), 10% for IEO (1 Billion), 5% for Pre-sale (0.5 Billion), 10% for Crowdsale (1,0 Billion), 10% for exchanges deposit and listing (1 Billion), 15% for Community operation (1,5 Billion), 15% for Team incentives (1,5 Billion), 10% for marketing (1,5 Billion), 20% for lock (2 Billion, lock 2 years).

How to buy Pikacho (PKH):
Send ETH to contract address 0xFc71fA36E95aBAe8c1CEb8cdAF6C747aA14f136b and you will receive PKH automaticly. (Set gas limit larger than 80000 and gas fee larger than 10 GWEI)

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