Pikazo artists have created an unbelievable number of amazing, gorgeous images — over half a million have been made in the last three months.

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As artists are progressing, we’ve heard one request come up more than any other.

And so, to meet the demands of our incredible artists, in our new version of Pikazo we’ve created an approach to high resolution style transfer.

To give a bit of background, this is a pretty big deal.

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Why a Pikazo image is so complex.

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A typical Draft-resolution Pikazo, 400x300 px

A Pikazo is a new type of image that transfers the qualities of a style onto a provided subject. It does this through the use of something called a neural network, which is in general terms a simulation of the way our brains work. …

You’ve been amazed by the images.
Seeing them in motion will blow your mind.

With Pikazo, we’ve been very lucky to have helped thousands of people bring life to the art they’ve always been able to imagine, but never before been able to create.

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“Hudson River Castle via Hudson River School” by Jon Russek

This week, Product Hunt helped us launch our startup, Pikazo.

For a little background, Pikazo is the brainchild of my partner Karl Stiefvater, who has been pushing the boundaries of image science since the mid-nineties, working on the Myst games, the Matrix films, 300, and Second Life.

It’s absolutely cutting edge stuff, using deep neural networks that simulate the human visual cortex.

In non-geek speak, it lets you “Remix Your Photos Into Incredible Artwork.”

With Pikazo you mix any image with any style, and works really well on paintings. …



The art in everything.

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