Let’s #BuildAnAppInOneWeek

Day 6 & 7 : The visible part! (Website, AppStore, etc.)

This post is the fourth part of a global story that relates how we #BuildAnAppInOneWeek. If you haven’t done it yet, you can read the first posts here : http://www.pikichat.com/full_story.html

The end (of the week) is near, waking up is more and more difficult, but … we’ll now begin the “cool” part. At least the “visible” part. As you know, there is plenty of apps, so you need to make it very simple for your potential customer to find your apps. With over 2 million mobile apps, getting your app discovered is getting harder and harder!

First thing : The Website ?!

If you do it right, some users will google your name. So you need to appear in the first result. That’s why your app name is very important. Choose / invent a very specific name, so that your website will appear in the top 3 on Google. If it’s too hard, you can buy AdWords for your domain name, to be sure customer will find your product first if they google it.

Too much talk, let’s build the landing page!
In our case, we (luckily) have some skills in web development. So we decided to use Bootstrap which is perfect for a simple responsive website. No worry if html or CSS only remember you a bad scrabble draw, you still have lots of solution. For example you can easily use Wordpress (for Free!) and find fantastic theme on the awesome ThemeForest website.

About the content, we want to keep it simple. So we’ll only show on this page : Our name, catchline, some screenshots, and a call to action to download the app. (See it here : http://www.pikichat.com)

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A very easy landing page! http://www.pikichat.com

Easy ? But … Here is the big thing : It is very hard to have a good conversion rate for Web to Mobile (To drive people who go on your website on their laptop on the AppStore with their phone).

To reduce this loss we’ve done 3 things :

  • On the web: We add a “Send me a SMS with the link” on the website. With this, user can receive directly on their phone an AppStore link. We use Twilio wich is a very simple service to send (and receive) SMS and phone call from users. We detect localisation and add country code automaticaly.
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SMS with AppStore link
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iOs Native pop up on your landing page

Mobile : When user comes on our page Pikichat.com from a mobile and more specifically from an iOs Device we’ll first print a native pop up that will suggest them to download the app

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Mobile #2 : Then we use a Safari functionnality that automatically adds a banner to your website with AppStore information. You can simply add this in one line :

<meta name= “apple-itunes-app” content=”app-id=873280504, app-argument=foobar” />

We then add Google Analytics to track visits and events on our website (click on AppStore link, Send SMS, click on feedback button, etc.). All of this will be very important to see how users interact and what to change to increase our web conversion rate.

OK we are now on the World Wide Web! What about AppStore Page ?

AppStore (and Google Play) is like a huge supermarket. So we’ll need to make the best end aisle displays so that users will have no other choice than download our f***** app!

First thing is : ASO (AppStore Search Optimization). More than 60% of people download an app just by browsing the AppStore. So you need (as in google) to be in the higher position possible!

You can find lots of tips on google like on the apptweak blog .
We choose our AppStore name : “Pikichat : incognito pictures & chat with your friends groups!”. You guess our keyword are : Pikichat, incognito, picture, chat, and groups. A very short description and asking for feedback at the end (very important for us to get as much feedback as we can).

And some happy / Fun / cool screenshots with all our colors :

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F***! We need a logo!

We love challenge ☺ So we challenged ourself to find and choose the idea in maximum 1 hour, and then to realise it in no more than 2 hours. Our keyword for this logo were :
Simple / Groups / Happiness / Incognito

Simple -> Flat Design / Unique color ?
Groups -> 2+ person
Happiness -> Color ? Smile ?
Incognito -> Mask ? Ghost ?

We finaly chose to make a simple icon with 3 smiley, smiling, wearing a mask. Thanks to makeappicon.com/ we tried 20 differents icon. By only uploading your test, Makeappicon shows a preview of your icon in a phone, and make all the work for you slicing in all size the icon for x-code.

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Makeaappicon help you preview icon and slice all size for you!

Last but not least! Social media, Analytics and Bugtracking

Find a Twitter and Facebook name. If not available add “app” at the end of your name for example : “pikichatapp” or “-app” etc.
If your twitter name is not available but is owned by an “inactive” user you can ask twitter to release it here :https://support.twitter.com/forms/trademark (it takes about 2 weeks)

Twitter Cover tips & size : (2014 update with new twitter profil design ) :

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Image for post
Mention dashboard

If you want to monitor activity about your app on social media, i really recommend Mention. Mention will help you monitor your social activity with a really nice web app and mobile app.

Mixpanel : Liveview and great metrics about your users!

Mixpanel will let you do tons of things with your user data. Retention, liveview, push notification for special use cases, etc.

For example, we can send a push only to people that opened our app, joined one group of friends, added a photo but did not come back check friends comments. We can figure out what functionnality is most used (take a photo, see photo, create groups, etc.) and wich one isn’t use to iterate on our app. We’ll show you more on this in the next post about our first metrics one week after launch!

Crashlytics : Bugtracking made smart and beautifull

Bug report is the worst thing dev can read. Unpleasant, boring, and often
beyond understanding. Crashlytics made it nice, automatic and easy to read and correct. You’ll get a daily report with the biggest bug ( number of user impact, number of appearance, etc.). It is really easy to implement and show you some great information about the device, and how the bug appeared (orientation, os, jailbreak, ram, etc.)

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Crashlytics bug dashboard

And since few weeks, crashlytics now allow you to distribute beta version to your team OTA (over the air). Tester only receive an email, and they can download your developpement app.

We are ready!!!!!!!!!! Yes we are ?

Now, we just need to go on iTunes Connect to submit our app (with screenshot, description, icon, etc.) and wait …

Wait … and wait …

AppStore review time can take 2 days in best case, 2 weeks in worst. Give Apple review team maximum information when submiting your app (trial account, short vidéo démo, etc.).

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You’ll then receive a email when they are reviewing your app, and one more when they validate / refuse your app. You can see a live average review time herehttp://appreviewtimes.com/ :

If you have critical bugs, time sensitive reason, big events, etc. you can try to ask for a fast review here :https://developer.apple.com/appstore/contact/?topic=expedite

Don’t ask expedited review if not necessary, first because they won’t do it if it’s not, and then because if you really need one one month after they can tell you that they already did one!

Wait and prepare your l(a)unch ☺

Pikichat is now under Apple review team hands. We can go back to real life, and wait… Hmmm not really! As said in the begining, there is more than 2 millions apps on the Store. Blog, Website, Press won’t come and say “Wow awesome, can i feature you ?”. But this is not the point here. So we have about 5 days to find some great bloggers and website wich will cover our launch!

Stay connected with us on Twitter or Facebook in order to be aware when the next post will be out (First metrics on Week +1!). You can drop us an email anytime here : founders@pikichat.com if you have any questions or feedback (or if you want to feature us ☺)


Pikichat is a fun photo group, messaging app ! Drop us an email : founders@pikichat.com

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