Let’s #BuildAnAppInOneWeek

Day 0 : WWWWH! What ? When ? Where ? Who ? How? 

Hi Everyone !

This is the first post of the full story that you can find here : http://www.pikichat.com/full_story.html.

After failing to get enough traction on our last two apps, we decided with my cofounder to do our “one last thing”. We challenged ourself to Build a (great) app in one week only!

Our 3 goals were to prove that :
- You can build a great app rapidly and without an 800K$ seed round
- Mobile industry does not care about who you are and where you come from
- And finally give you our best practices and best tools to create an app from 0 to 1

Who the f*** are we?

It does not really matter, so here are the main points : we are two engineers (one with mobile/innovation expertises, one with web/product ones). One used to work for one of the biggest european TV channel. The other used to work in a worldwide mobile ads company. We were friends before (and still after) our startup experience.

How have we accomplished that?

Here we are!

We took one week, went in an house in the middle of nowhere (see picture) with only food / our computer / some beer and (very slow) internet connection (perfect for tests). No girlfriends and not even funny cats!

  • No Business Plan
  • No executive summary
  • No pitch

Only a bad a** product and one goal : finish the app in one week!

What’s the product?

You all know Snapchat right? We kinda love this app and we love Whatsapp too. But what we’d really love is the perfect mix.

So … let’s do it! The only thing we had before starting the challenge was the catchline :

“When snapchat meets your groups of friends”

Next steps?

We’ll make new posts with what we did, how we did it and what were the tools we used, that helped us build this app so fast

Day 1 : Let’s shape the app ! https://medium.com/@pikichat/buildanappin1week-b98796d2051a

Full Story here : http://www.pikichat.com/full_story.html

Then we’ll give you some metrics on Week+1 & Month+1.

We are happy to say that we have achieved our goal and the app is now live on the AppStore => https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pikichat-group-messaging-app/id873280504

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Full Story here : http://www.pikichat.com/full_story.html


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