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We arrived in Prague from NYC and spent the month of June 2015 working and living there as a digital nomad. Prague is broken down in districts from Prague 1 to Prague 10. Each district although next to each other has a very different feel.

Food here is CHEAP and it serves its reputation well as beer is cheaper than water (as you have to buy water here, no free water). It is a beautiful city showcasing centuries old historical architecture. It can be very touristy in the main area (Prague 1) but walk away from it and you will find some hidden treasures on winding streets and old castles (yes, there are more castles than you imagined). Having said that Prague 1 (Malá Strana) has some good shopping spots.

We thought the “traditional” food was kinda bleh with huge chunks of bland meat and potatoes. But this meat heavy country has a ton of good vegetarian spots all over the city. Although we are not vegetarian, we found ourselves eating there more often than we thought.

Take a tour of Prague with us

The PikkaFinds Map: We created a map to show some of our favorite shops, cafes and spaces in the city.

A few other great resources

Also, be sure to grab a copy of free USE-IT map when in the city. It is made by locals for young people. It is a beautifully designed map, witty write up and some of the best recommendations we found were in there.

Also, check out recommendations by Design Sponge. We found them much after we left Prague and they have a comprehensive map of recommendations as well.

Lastly, to better understand the districts and where is what, these guys seem to have done a good job.

Na zdraví! (Cheers in Czech)


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