RHIÉ The Purgatory of Monotomy / Source: http://www.artnau.com

Creative Fashion Videos that are Worth Watching

There are many great videos and ads created by the world of fashion. Below is a 10 list of those that have really grabbed our attention. What do you think? We would love to hear about your favorites!

  1. RHIÉ ’14 / The Purgatory of Monotony by Ace Norton

The short that showcases the Fall/Winter 2014 RHIÉ collection has won many awards, such as the Best Film, Best Director, and Best Art Direction awards at the Milan Fashion Film Festival. RHIÉ’s campaign video is starring the painter-photographer Sonja Kinski, who is actually the daughter of the famous actress Natassja Kinski ( Tess and Paris, Texas). Read more on Vogue online.

2. Camille Tanoh / The Monday Morning Man (Shoe) by Loren Denis

The video features some part of the Camille Tanoh permanent shoe collection and is also a tribute to On Kawara’s work. The Camille Tanoh permanent collection embodies the brand’s conceptual approach to contemporary shoe. The story of the permanent collection is essentially the compilation of the three stories — The Monday Morning Man (Shoe), The Proper Sneaker and The Saturday Afternoon Man (Shoe). Each of them is accompanied by a short film. This is our favorite from the three:

3. Prada / Candy Series by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola

Celebrating the launch of Prada’ s new fragrance, Candy L’Eau, Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola teamed up again and created a series of three short films for Prada. Starring Prada Candy face Léa Seydoux as Candy, the film sees the story of the starlet and two men who fell hopelessly in love with her in Paris.

4. COS / The Bubble by Aaron Rose

As part of COS’ launch into the US market, Swedish retailer COS has enlisted the filmmaker Aaron Rose to contribute to a series of films exploring two of America’s most influential cities: New York and Los Angeles. Rose’s film, “The Bubble” focuses on NY and was inspired by Peggy Guggenheim’s artist salons and was shot at Max Fish, a legendary drinking hole for skaters and creatives. Artist Aaron Young, art dealer Jeffrey Deitch, journalist Glenn O’Brien and photographer Petra Collins are among the faces of the downtown scene wearing COS pieces. It also features actor and artist Leo Fitzpatrick (most famous for his appearance in Larry Clark’s Kids) reciting a Kipling poem. Documenting the opposite coast, is Petra Collins’ “Drive Time” available to watch here.

5. Delpozo SS16 by Pablo Maestres

The Madrid-based fashion brand released a clip introducing its SS16 collection, that teases us with romantic aesthetics and fairy tale fabrics. Starring model Mia Gruenwald, the film focuses on a girl, wearing a fantastical prêt-à-couture creation, who is led through a labyrinth chasing a red ball. At the end, she finds a head statue and believes to have found love. Unfortunately, her love breaks to pieces and the enchanting clip comes to an end. Directed by Pablo Maestres, the video was shot in Spain at the ‘La Muralla Roja’.

6. Obus / The Traveller by Liam Gilmour, Peter Ryle and Tomas Friml

The film The Traveller for Australian fashion brand Obus SS12 was written, directed and photographed by Liam Gilmour,Peter Ryle and Tomas Friml. Liam Gilmour explained in an interview to Portable they used the collection itself as inspiration: Structurally, the garments dictated the narrative of the film and with Obus we developed the ideas and themes of the piece collaboratively. The range was designed with travel in mind, comfortable basics made from beautiful fabrics, so we had to explore that aspect, but we wanted to include some mysticism and metaphors in the film that add another element…We also wanted to use the garments metaphorically to convey a sense of lightness and drifting, which is part of the end scene.

7. Han Kjøbenhavn AW12 by Casper Balslev

The Danish brand Han Kjøbenhavn is famous for being unconventional. Their crazy short films always have aesthetically beautiful and twisted visual and the narrative usually centers around a group of weirdos throughout cryptic scenes. Check out their VIMEO profile where there are other videos that worth a watch, featuring the label’s bizarre cast.

8. Gucci / The Creative Journey ft. Lykke Li by Diana Kunst

Gucci takes us on a dreamy adventure for Spring/Summer 2015 with a video featuring the brand’s iconic Lady Web handbag, worn by Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li, one of Gucci’s muses. In the video, she embarks on a creative journey that leads her to the composition of her song — Just Like A Dream.

9. Complot SS16/ When I’m Alone by Francisco Canton & Francisco Hauser

A short image video from the Buenos Aires based fashion brand, Complot. The clip, starring Staz Lindes, somehow recalls the ambiance of a Tarantino movie. Here you can watch another nice Complot short video with the actress Oriana Sabatini.

Watch here: https://vimeo.com/138579276

10. Hermès / Man on the Move by Romain Laurent

In Hermès’ short film, we can see the dancer Jérémie Bélingard walking through the deserted Paris and magically jumping in and out of different items of clothing from the fashion house’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

After our favorites, we wouldn’t leave out our child either :) Check out the Pikkpack video that has been created with the help of Daniel Szoke and Nikol Cibulya, and was featured at the Budapest Design Film Festival.