Pikkpack meets Supermundane

4 min readNov 30, 2015

As some of you might already know, we have just launched a special edition of the Pikkpack slip-ons that has been created in collaboration with Rob Lowe aka Supermundane.

The whole story started with the idea that we should use the shoe’s upper as a canvas. Given the flat form, it just seemed obvious that we had to try how it would work. We searched for a long time for a visual artist to collaborate with, wanted to find somebody with a hip, lively and at the same time very minimalist style. What we needed was easily adaptable, but characteristic motives.

We had already known Supermundane’s work, but only superficially. One day we read an interview with him and instantly knew that he was the one we had searched for. Playfulness and minimalism. These are the qualities that really describe Supermundane and that really grabbed my attention. He is quite famous, more famous then we are so we were afraid that he wouldn’t respond to us when we first contacted him. It happened otherwise. He was extremely kind from the first moment on. Rob loved the shoes and became excited about the idea of designing onto them. I felt him really close to me and Pikkpack since the beginning of knowing him. He creates harmony with colours and forms in a joyful way and with a sense of humour. This is what I always aim to express with my work. Pikkpacks were born to play with and to bring colours to our life. I reckon that the optical effects created by Rob’s hard edged but bright compositions clear our mind and cheer us up. He used the shoes as a canvas and designed a wonderful motif onto the Pikkpack slip-on. Since we had never done any artist collaboration in Pikkpack history, I was really looking forward to meeting Rob in the flesh.

Coincidentally, after we had made the first prototype I was about to travel to London with my husband and some friends. I had never been there before. However, when I was a child I thought I would live in that city. (I have absolutely no idea where this fantasy of mine came from. ) Even if we departed totally exhausted due to the two-day-long photoshoot of the new product, I felt that it would be a very special trip. Well…it was.

During those few days when we were there, Rob held an exhibition called ‘Signs & Symbols’ at a place called The Book Club. It was obvious that we would meet him there. I was glad I would be able to show him the final versions and could prepare a kit for him in his size. As every Supermundane x Pikkpack kit, it contained a canvas totebag showcasing his artwork.

When I walked into the exhibition I suddenly recognized those similar shapes, forms, elements he used on the shoe. I was pleased to see how the colours on his flyers corresponded with the colours that appeared on the Pikkpacks. Yellow sole, blue shoelaces, black leather. The three colours and elements of the Supermundane X Pikkpack slip-ons. As I wandered around, surrounded by the graphic, colourful artworks, I felt assured that we couldn’t have chosen a better person for this collaboration. His works featuring a really playful style, simplicity, lines and colours just seemed to be Pikkpack’s equivalent in art.The exhibition was ace, we all loved it. My favorite piece was a nine meter mural. As I later understood, unfortunately it was just a temporary “decoration”.

At 5 pm (sharp :) Rob appeared on the scene and we sat down to chat. I couldn’t bear not to give him the shoes right away. I was so curious how he would like them. He seemed happy about the present and told me that he was quite surprised that the slip-ons had got ready this fast. He observed them thoroughly and really liked the optical effect that the shoelaces and his artwork created together.

It was funny to see how Supermundane was walking out of the Supermundane exhibition, carrying a tote bag featuring a Supermundane artwork :)


Check out and shop the collaboration here.


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